Restaurant Review : Two Buns says Be Honest or you can Kiss My Burger

Burgers are very personal. Very Personal. There are days you NEED a Burger. Like you need a friend. An honest to good FRIEND to chomp and hack the day away. And when you NEED a burger its when you are really really hungry.

Two Buns is on Lebuh Carnarvon (Carnarvon Street) . Both sides of the street are lined with eclectic businesses;  Narrow Marrow an artsy cafe / bar , local eateries, Nanyang  a huge art supply shop , my favourite bicycle shop Cyclon , and way at the end towards Komtar a warehouse full of household basics run by an old couple and their grumpy mum!

Two Buns initially reminded me of Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe in Archie comics. But as you walk in, its noticeably its own identity. Very rustic ambiance using what looked like desks from the 30’s. The walls are white washed and peeling just right, and the staff all young and friendly. Inside sits about 20 comfortably, or you can remain outside on the rattan chairs watching traffic go by.

As we sat, a  young lady passed us the menu and told us to come order at the counter when we’re ready. I loved the simple menu, Big Photos with simply read ingredients.


When you see great photos of food and YOU KNOW deep in your heart of hearts that it almost always NEVER, I mean NEVAH looks like that in real life. Well you be the judge…

Verdict : Honest. Tasty. Just what I needed. Portion wise; the plate of fries with the torched fish roe mayo and Chicken Quesadilla ticked a BIG yes on my list, The Chicken Burger in my hungry humble opinion looked larger in the photo (see there I go again, being the naive diner, when I know in my heart …) BUT see ; the burger is all compact , juicy and FULL of ingredients not air. After 20 minutes of eating and devouring it , you will realise that its a perfect fit! (I am NOT paid for this review, I swear) .

We’ll be back for their shakes and a Skleng which is ice cream ! But if you get there first let me know how they are!

Skleng! Catchy menu board.


For reservations call: +6 017 599 7009 / +604-2610040

Two Buns

9am -10 pm Daily 

177, Lebuh Carnarvon
George Town, Malaysia 

Type: Restaurant / Deli 

Price range: Low to Mid 

If I could describe it in 3 words: “Cheap and Cheerful” 

Good for: Solo, families, friends

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  1. What a burger! 😍 👍


    1. The Penang Local says:

      You can say that again!!

      Liked by 1 person

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