Discovering Higgledy Piggledy Edinbourgh

Edinburgh is as old as it is young, as dark as it is brilliantly vibrant, as cold as it is warm. You can be having a fantastic culinary experience  or you can find yourself face to face with the most obnoxious, purposefully god-awful looking muck on your plate. But in the end, under dark skies…

Things to do : What tattooed folks have in common; They have tattoos. Period. And it’s very personal.

“”The first two years I had to work on my own, a baptism by fire, I had a trusted and excellent friend who really believed in me, I would say more than myself, and he allowed me to practice on real skin, his name is Luis, and he ended up with my most bizarre work. For this I will be ever thankful. ” Weshmagul

Art Exhibition Review and Q&As : Witnessing the Stillness in Sharon

I was pleased to witness Sharon’s very first solo exhibition. The invite came through text, with several bossy messages later informing me that the private launch was on the 25th September NOT the 24th. We , Penangites, don’t like to read, we’re usually too lazy to scroll to the bottom, the fine print is way…

Penang found items #1

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. We found these upcycled dustpans made from oil cans up on rest stop 5 Penang Hill.  We love them. What do you think?