People of Penang : Stuart Every , Producer, CEO Dolphin Creative on All Things Weird and Wonderful

“In a word: humanity. These are individuals who lean into fear. They decide to go into a public space for one reason; to make people happy. If they succeed, then they’ll get rewarded by cash tips, a good artist can make 1,000 USD in 30 minutes!.” Stuart Every , CEO Dolphin Creative

Art Exhibition Review and Q&As : Witnessing the Stillness in Sharon

I was pleased to witness Sharon’s very first solo exhibition. The invite came through text, with several bossy messages later informing me that the private launch was on the 25th September NOT the 24th. We , Penangites, don’t like to read, we’re usually too lazy to scroll to the bottom, the fine print is way…

Covid update in Malaysia: restricted movement order

Malaysia has called for an international lockdown and a domestic restricted movement order from 18th to 31st March 2020. This is to flatten the curve by slowing down the spread of the virus through social distancing. First, the general prohibition of mass movements and gatherings across the country including religious, sports, social and cultural activities….

Christmas at house of hope Rifle range Penang

We spent Christmas at the house of hope, a community centre for the Hardcore poor and their families, a place for kids to get an education, a place to eat and somewhere to feel safe or to get help. We are sharing this because the people at the house of hope are so inspiring and…

A leisurely afternoon in George town, Penang

An afternoon in George town Penang. Our leisurely itinerary: Chew Kok Huat on Lebuh Penang to buy some bubble wrap We walked along Lebuh Pantai. Explored Art Lane on Lebuh Pantai China house on Lebuh Pantai to check out some art exhibitions and to have some cakes. Warehouse by sixth sense for a bit of…