Where to Eat : Gurney Plaza’s New Food Hall, in Pictures!

Traditional Chinese rice dish of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings called “Bak Chang” in Hokien

Gurney Plaza on Gurney Drive is arguably Penang Island’s favourite go-to-mall. It is simply designed, for leisure strolls and aimless shoppers of young and old , or a quick grocery run (hurrah for the easy access parking provided on the basement levels) . For the purposeful, you can park directly on the top floors and skip all the slowpokes and you’re directly at the electric shop on the 5th floor or the gadgets galore on the 3rd and 4th floor. Moms are especially confident that the loos are clean and working on every level of the mall. They have an efficient pickup/drop off area, on both sides of the mall, and a shared drive – in carpark next to the GHotel entrance lobby . Useful tip : Use TouchNGo for contact-less transaction, they no longer have cash payment facilities for parking. PLUS the whole building is aesthetically pleasing.

We were over joyed when we heard of the launch of the Food Hall on the 4th. More than just street food, this food court also offers international flavours that represent and make up the rest of the community of Penang. Such as Korean dishes, Thai stall serving sticky rice with mango and other Thai classics, Sailor Gourmet Pies for the western palettes , Japanese Ramen and the ever consistent Mr Shawerma for middle eastern cuisine ( he’s also on Chulia Street, and Gurney Paragon ) .

Gurney Plaza’s Food Hall boasts a space of 33,000 sq ft , with a maximum bum space of 660 pax. They have promised 25 food stalls and 6 restaurants to choose from. During Covid days you’re reminded by the one way entry and exit ways, and little Food Hall chef cut outs for social distancing.

The ambiance is warm with welcoming pretty lights, and just enough wood panelled tones and artificial plants to not feel too ‘boxed’ in when dining in a mall. With all the horribleness happening around the world, Penangites are generally good with keeping to themselves. See below images by Gurney Plaza team.

We’ve been a few times now, for casual meet ups, a quick business lunch or just a day with the fam to break the mundane routine of a work or school week. Luckily, we’ve found spaces to fit these occasions. There are different seating areas to break the monotony if you’re here often.

The food choices are not boring, for example , there are 25 stalls with an average of 5 dishes each to sample from. The prices are reasonable ( starting average of RM7 or RM8 ) for decent portions and the crew behind the counters and on-the -floor-team promote a healthy and hygienic environment for every one dining. Be sure to sanitise before and after meals, and keep your mask on when you’re not actively eating.

For more information:

Gurney Food Hall, 4th Floor, Gurney Plaza

Persiaran Gurney , 10250, Penang

Centre Management Office Tel +604 222 8222 www.cmmt.com.my


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