People of Penang : Stuart Every , Producer, CEO Dolphin Creative on All Things Weird and Wonderful

“In a word: humanity. These are individuals who lean into fear. They decide to go into a public space for one reason; to make people happy. If they succeed, then they’ll get rewarded by cash tips, a good artist can make 1,000 USD in 30 minutes!.” Stuart Every , CEO Dolphin Creative

GIVEAWAY. Birds in your Penang garden illustration

Here is a free print out to keep you busy. Feel free to print it out to help you identify birds in your garden in Penang or Peninsula Malaysia. Stay safe and start bird watching 🐦 P. S the last one is the house crow

Penang Local top 5 travel tips:

Penang Local top 5 travel tips: Take the bus. Explore George Town by foot. Picnic in the park. Go hiking in the jungle. Ask the locals for their favourite places to visit or watch our videos. View this post on Instagram Wanderlust with Penang Local. It's Friday, we can't afford to leave the island so…

Food Tours by Penang Local

The only way to get to know George Town, on Penang Island is to walk our streets and eat our local food along the way. We’ve brought along international chefs, food bloggers, wanderlusters and more types of hungry travellers on our special routes. I landed on this crazy loveable island almost 10 years ago while…

A Food Review: Two Wheel Breakfast Trail !

The hierarchy to enjoying George Town (GTown) Penang ; Walk, Cycle, Bus, Scooting, GrabCar, YOUR OWN CAR , strictly in that order. I keep screeching on about this and I will rant again here , OUR STREETS ARE TOO SMALL FOR CARS! Its ridiculous how we keep shoving more cars on to this island. You…