GIVEAWAY. Birds in your Penang garden illustration

Here is a free print out to keep you busy. Feel free to print it out to help you identify birds in your garden in Penang or Peninsula Malaysia. Stay safe and start bird watching 🐦 P. S the last one is the house crow

Christmas at house of hope Rifle range Penang

We spent Christmas at the house of hope, a community centre for the Hardcore poor and their families, a place for kids to get an education, a place to eat and somewhere to feel safe or to get help. We are sharing this because the people at the house of hope are so inspiring and…

Merry Christmas from Penang Local Italian island style 🎄🏝️🎄

So I went off the island for Christmas eve and drove back 400km for Christmas fondue Dinner back home in tropical Penang island cos I absolutely love cheese fondue and wouldn’t miss Lily’s home cooked food 🍲 Watch how we spent Christmas on the island, Italian tropical island style, with Turkey, Cheese fondue and Pan…

A leisurely afternoon in George town, Penang

An afternoon in George town Penang. Our leisurely itinerary: Chew Kok Huat on Lebuh Penang to buy some bubble wrap We walked along Lebuh Pantai. Explored Art Lane on Lebuh Pantai China house on Lebuh Pantai to check out some art exhibitions and to have some cakes. Warehouse by sixth sense for a bit of…

Wishing you a happy diwali

Happy Diwali to all our Hindu friends. Wishing you love and light and may this diwali illuminate a bright new path Love, PENANG LOCAL 🌈❤️