Ramadan weekend activities: Chuan kui art exhibition by Ono Kang at Hin bus gallery, Penang

Chuan kui art exhibition by Ono Kang at Hin bus gallery

It’s the month of Ramadan and if you are fasting and have nothing to do, we recommend you Go immerse yourself in some art and culture. It feeds the soul which food cannot do. If you are not Muslim, we also suggest you stop taking food photos and go take some photos of art instead #justsaying 😉

Chuan Kui’ A Solo art Exhibition by Ono Kang

When: 14 April – 27 May 2018

‘Let’s talk about breath. What does it mean to breathe – or in the words of my native Hokkien language, Chuan Kui?’

Ono has always been an avid collector of things since young. One of his favourite sport as a child was to collect fallen kites. He returned to settle in Penang as a tattoo artist in his early twenties. Seeing the huge modernization change that has taken over his hometown was perhaps a little saddening and he started collecting old items in Georgetown – furniture, household items, gadgets, even factory machines. Anything that reminds him of his childhood and the old Georgetown that he grew up in. His collection is his way of remembering his own heritage and the history of his culture. As his collection grew, Ono started to build sculptures and installations out of them.

Upon reaching 40, Ono is ready to take on a new chapter in life. He has a young family in tow and they would be journeying to a new country soon. This exhibition is his personal tribute to his home, his family, his heritage, and his 40 years of living. Here’s to his next chapter!

Address: Hin Bus Depot Gallery,

Opening time: 12noon – 8pm

For more information visit: www.hinbusdepot.com

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