How to make penang island belacan

How to make penang island belacan?

Chop kim hoa is a family run belacan cottage industry in Penang that still makes Belacan in the traditional way.

Watch our short video on how traditional Penang belacan is made. The process takes a few months from the drying of the krill (small shrimp) , the grinding of the paste, the the fermentation process to the final packaging.

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  1. A yummy looking dish. I have never had this…


    1. It’s not actually a dish. It’s a spice or condiment you add to your cooking or a side chilli dip


      1. Oh. Are traveling abroad and are you in Panang?


      2. I’m in Penang. It’s George Town festival this month and I have to be around 🙏


      3. Wow! Big event! Look forward to 2018 shares. I like Malaysia. Met some nice people. I live the fact of it proximity to India and cultural shares. Enjoy!!


      4. Oh I’m glad you like it here. Come back to visit 💃💃


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