If you’re THINKING of relocating to Penang: STOP THINKING & Experience Penang in 5 Days for YOURSELF

Where does a dream find you in 5 years, or 10 months or 10 days from now?

View of George Town, Penang Island, from a popular hiking trail

Choosing a place or country to relocate to, is daunting, deciding where to retire is just as hard. You are balancing what you have now with what you may gain in the future, you’re weighing out the comforts with compromises you may face.

Each experience is personal, a journey is defined by your experience, your emotions, your impressions, the taste the smell, the touch, the sight. No article, feature, or personal recommendation will convince you or give you that 100% when you’re making these hard decisions. We believe that getting the first hand experience in a well informed and comfortable ambiance will help you decide on a positive change in your life.

Beautiful Lighthouse accessible only from Monkey beach.

Are you asking the right questions? What are your rights as a resident? Can I afford a luxury home and maintain a stable and comfortable lifestyle in Penang? How about Medical facilities, are they as good? Will language be a barrier? How hard is it to get a local bank account?

We invite you to ask these hard questions. Working with Serena, Director of Penang Property Angel and our panel advisor Sam Choong of Messrs Khaw Cheow Poh & Associates , we are offering “Experience Penang in 5 Days”. It is a personalised tour, solely designed for those considering a positive change in their life. It is a 360 experience on local food, the community and culture, and a glimpse into life on this island. There will be site visits to different types of properties available, a talk on the pros and cons of Malaysia My Second Home and best of all a taste of our local dishes, we are after all a FOOD DESTINATION.

Sam, our panel advisor, Serena our real-estate Queen, and yours truly, me. We look forward to meeting you on the island, and show you why we love our home on the island.

You will enjoy Penang, but don’t take our word for it!

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