The Habitat on Penang Hill : Up close and friendly with nature

The best times to visit The Habitat , the work-in-progress-green “Narnia” on top of Bukit Bendera, or Penang Hill , are during the weekdays and NOT on a school holiday, if possible. I always like to encourage visitors to use the Penang’s public transport , bus number 204 is easily accessible from Komtar, or the bus terminal at the jetty. If not there is a multi level car park at the entrance to the Penang Hill in Air Hitam, if you insist on driving.

Once at the foot of the hill, purchase a return ticket for the Penang Hill funicular train , and follow the winding ribbons to the waiting area. The trains comes between 20-25 minutes interval, longer if there are loads of tourists. The carriages are cooled, and windows are large, try to get the last or the first carriage so you can take photos of the journey.

We were slightly unfortunate being stuck in the middle and weren’t able to position ourselves to capture the scenes going up. I remember as a kid , how the trains were deliciously slower, and the windows were left open allowing the cool air from the hills and plants to brush our faces, sometimes I wished for those days but it wouldn’t be possible with the amount of tourists they receive daily.

We spent a total of 4 hours from the bottom of the hill and back, and could have spent a couple hours more if our schedule allowed. I hope you enjoy the photos of our day on Penang Hill and The Habitat. We’ll be back soon, to experience more of it when all the activities are complete.

Almost at the end of the pathway , you’ll find a glass building, it houses a gallery of local and non-locally sourced quality products for souvenirs, and a cool cafe serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, locally brewed beverages and simple meals.

Things to look out for at the gallery : Josh Lee Fragrances , Jonathan Yun’s Jewellery , The Habitat’s Eco Bag , Best Coast Brew (Beer) , Local Ginger Beer

The Habitat Penang Hill

Bukit Bendera, 11300
Penang, Malaysia.
t: 604 – 826 7677

  • Daily 9.30am – 6.00pm
    Closed on Wednesday

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