Opening weekend highlights of George Town festival 2018 in Penang

Kelantan : a living heritage for GTF

The 9th edition of George Town festival opened with a bang with a stellar opening performance ‘Kelantan: A living heritage ‘ at Dewan Sri Pinang Pinang.

We managed to catch the powerful dance performance ‘Between tiny cities’ by Nick Power at Loft 29.

The SeaShorts successfully concluded at Hin Bus Depot on Sunday night which brought together talented filmmakers from around the region.

Seashorts in Penang

We were hardworking at attended a few art exhibitions which opened at the weekend.

  1. VINTAGE by Howard Tan at Studio Howard, 13 Armenian Street.

Vintage by Howard tan

  1. DIGITAL WASTE by Madhvee Deb at Ome by Space bar, Lorong Toh Aka.
Digital waste by Madhvee Deb
  1. WINDOW SHOPPING group art exhibition by George Town festival at various venues. We managed to see the ones at:

A. Tiffany Choong at Mano Plus

Tiffany choong at Mano Plus select store

B. Ammar Khalifar at Spacebar coffee

Ammar at Spacebar coffee

C. Christine Das at Hakuna Matata Cafe

D. Howard Tan at China House

Howard Tan at China house

Sunday pop up Market at Hin bus depot.

Sunday pop up Bazaar at Hin bus depot

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