Penang Hill (Bukit bendera) funicular train ride, Malaysia

Normally I walk up and down Penang Hill but sometimes it is convenient to hop onto the efficient funicular train. The ride takes 4.5 mins. I have sped up the video.

A must watch if you have never experienced Penang Hill (Bukit bendera) train ride. The ride down in fast forward is like a rollercoaster.

Enjoy the ride and the view x

The ride time: 4.5 mins

Length 1.997 KM : Longest in Asia
Tunnel Gradient 27.9 Degrees : Steepest tunnel in the world
Operational since 1923 but upgraded in 2010

Operational hours: 6.30am – 9pm daily

The view is spectacular and the timing is impeccable as another train is seen crossing.

If you are visiting Penang, go check it out out!

There are a few things to do on Penang Hill. Apart from the panoramic views of the city you can also check out:

1. Habitat Nature Trail

The Habitat
Sunset at the Habitat Penang HIll. View of Curtis Crest Tree top walk.
  1. Hindu Indian Temple
  2. Bellevue Colonial Hotel
  3. David Brown’s restaurant and tea terrace
  4. Oldest Post Box in Penang
Pox box Penang
Evolution of the Pox Box in Penang. Illustration by
  1. British TV series Indian Summers was filmed here
First view on Penang Hill.

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