Where to Eat : Malay Food 101 At James’ Famous Nasi Campur

Facebook is a wonderful thing, we use it quiet a lot in Malaysia , especially in Penang. We get live feed on what people are eating, what restaurants are open, whats closed, whats good and what NOT to try. If it weren’t for my friend Jo  (Eccentric Fadlin on FB) , and his persistent postings, I wouldn’t have chanced upon this eatery. Shocking to know that this has been around for 13 years! (I should get out more)

After zipping around George Town city centre on errands, James’ place was the perfect chilled out spot for a quick-lunch on the way home. As you turn into Jalan Clove Hall , James’ place is on your left, just before a car wash hut. You wont miss the big light blue banner advertising “Nasi Melayu” (Malay Food) .

It was still early, most tables were still free and clear of food and the work crowd hadn’t come in yet. The staff was still bringing out trays of fresh hot food. I liked the whole vibe of the space, big trees give shade over the tin roof, and the eating area has nice honest square space.

The whole process of getting fed is pretty simple ; get a plate at the main serving area, scoop some rice onto your plate from the rice bucket and walk around the table for the yummy stuff. Once you’re satisfied with the pile on your plate,  James will calculate and you pay him cash over the counter. Casually walk over to the drinks stall and order a fresh juice or beverage of choice, and they’ll send it right over to your table ( its COD from the beverage stall).

Soup of the day is free with your meal, and refillable too. Today was chicken soup, clear and tasty .

James speaks 3 languages, his mom is Chinese, father Indian and wife Malay. He’s what you call a “rojak” through and through. Rojak in Malay slang means, “a mix of all sorts”.  “Rojak” is also a lively eclectic dish of local fruit and vegetable found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. I eaves dropped on him calculating in Hokkien for the Hokkien speaking diners. Fascinating. I also asked him his favorite dish of all, so you might not want to miss out on his Mutton Kurma.

James Abu Bakar Famous Nasi Campur

Contact details:  +6016-453 0363

Jalan Clove Hall (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah) George Town, Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia


Type: Stall

Operating Hours : Mon – Fri 7.30 am – 3:00 pm

Price Range : Low to Medium (depends how much you pile on your plate)

If I could describe it 3 words: “I’m coming back!”

Specialties : Mutton Kurma , Teochew Lala (Clams) , made to order fresh juices (Passion fruit and Soursop juice)

Good for : working crowd, friends , family


2 tiers of goodness and more around the back!
James behind the cash counter
Juice stall with fresh fruits
Spacious chunky tables with cool breeze from the old trees
Row of local delicacies
James and his smiling face
Local favorite, crunchy fried chicken
Ulam, an authentic salad
Row of tasty greens, try the stir fried bitter gourd, yumm!
Soup of the day is free with your meal!
Wanted to get the guy’s cool tatts
Fish curry!
Chicken Kurma
Clams in light fermented soybean and chilli  sauce (teowchew style)
Open for breakfast!
Tall glass of fresh pineapple juice.
Discount for FB fans

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