Where to stay : Experience the real George Town from Ah Tong’s Residence

Ah Tong’s Residence built in the late 19th century but was a tailor shop until 2010. It’s been owner-occupied for 5 years making it a primary residence on  Lebuh Kimberley (Kimberley Street). The photos of the property will speak for themselves, recommended for couples or a small family of 4. With the modern comforts fitted in by the owners who’s lived there for 12 years will make your vacation and discovering George Town a memorable one. The experience will be unique. You will be a totally independent traveller. A washer and a dryer at your convenience, a kick ass kitchen to heat up or re-create the tastings of the day, all that space to dance or do somersaults in. Keep your beer or white wine chilled and look forward to comming home within the cool walls after a day of wanderings on Kimberley Street and more…

14 KImberley Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Living space at Ah Tong’s Residence

All that buzz about Lebuh Kimberley is real. Every which way you turn, there is food, shops, small boutiques, restaurants, beautiful shop houses and market halls, and then theres MORE food!

Massive Masterbedroom with attached bathroom.

My favourites around the area: the Duck Soup stall (On Lebuh Kimberley) , Penang Road Famous Teowchew Chendul , Assam Laksa on Lebuh Keng Kwee , and I love the Mee Curry at Joo Hooi Cafe .

14 KImberley Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Comfortable and Intimate

On the second half Pintal Tali  (Rope Walk) Road theres Le Dream Boutique Hotel , the staff there are lovely and they are familiar with me running in and out receiving tourists for my DelishAsia street food tour. They have a lovely roof top bar, have a drink at sunset, its a lovely quiet experience because not many people know about this place yet.

Walking back on Pintal Tali Road you will find yourself on Campbell Street. A humble Italian Restaurant, Il Bacaro , sits at the corner , owned by Nardya and Roberto. They also own the whole building above the restaurant and from scratch they founded the Campbell House  , a very classy and very private boutique hotel.

Further up there are 2 more local attractions close to my heart, wet market on the corner of Carnavon and Campbell street and Nazlina’s Spice Station across from it. The market is easily  accessible even after operation hours, I would usually walk my guests through there and gawk at the old  concrete booths where vendors sell their meat, vegetables or fresh fruits in the early morning. The market is still alive today, we love to hang on to our heritage.

Be inspired.

Nazlina is a wonderful friend of mine, her cooking classes are lively, enlightning and more importantly they are fun! Check out her time tables, a big bonus is a walk through the wet market to get your fresh produce, get a peak into everyday life in George Town.

All this within walking radius of Ah Tong’s Residence. Click here to secure your bookings. 

14 KImberley Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
The Ah Tong Residence.


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