Where to stay : The Permai Residence

The Permai Residence is located in Tanjung Bungah , the north coast of Penang Island. We are right smack in between George Town Heritage Zone and Batu Ferringhi. Residents of Tanjung Bungah move at a “designed” determined pace (meaning not slow but purposely leisured ),  we like our morning routines, our designated market days, our 11sies, our local quick lunch meal pick ups, the school runs, our beach barbecues,  the usual grumblings of after work traffic then we put our feet up at sunset and then buzz around for again for dinner. We get our American breakfast at Gusto , our English meals at The Hillside Cafe ,  our German sausages at Ingolf , we have a Bulgarian restaurant and bar called Vintage Bulgaria, we play pool at the bar upstairs , a sleepy but reliable food court called Astaka (or Mutiara on Google map),  and many many streets for dog walking. There are more landed properties than there are high rise condos and apartments. 3 and 4 star hotels line one side of the main road, and restaurants the other. We fight tooth and nail against new developments, especially those that threat the peace in the area and our routine. Our feathers get ruffled if theres even a hint of a rumour of land being dug up, then compose ourselves again when proposals are canceled. Thats life in Tanjung Bungah.

Recently, we happily accepted an invitation to stay a weekend at The Permai Residence, just a short distance away from my own home. It was a staycation for feedback and suggestions on turning this family abode into a short term vacation rental for family and friends.

Homes are a funny thing, be it new or old, it gives off vibes and whispers tales to you. Its like stepping into time and no one sees you… but you see everything.

There is so much peace around, that was one of the first strong impression of the home. I pictured families bonding over a dinner meal, friends chatting over the kitchen counter. Someone is reading in the garden. Kids discovering the garden and circling the bungalow. The kitchen is my favourite part of any good home, big kitchens. Its where the heart of the house is. The Permai Residence has a fully equipped kitchen, its fitted with built in oven, dishwasher, a stove cooker and an induction cooker. It was a fun cooking weekend for my kid and I!

I must get on with the photos, I think you may like them. This house fits 6 adults, fully airconditioned with modern facilities, a washing machine with drying space,  car patio for 2 cars , wifi, tv with dvd player, and a large garden that goes around the bungalow,  little children will have a fabulous time here.

The grounds of The Permai Residence


The receiving area is surrounded by light , large sliding glass doors on either side of the dining area:

The Dining Room
Naturally designed
View from the kitchen
Lots of light

I can’t get enough of the space in the kitchen :

Counter top with sink and booth
 View from far corner into dining area
 Tea/coffee/toast and nuke corner
I love the light comming in


The lazy lounge:

Light again
The Cosy Lounge
 Cuddle time! (photo credit from The Permai Residence )
The Lounge
View from coner into the dining area


Let’s go upstairs!

Clean edges all the way up, with lights that light up the steps
Beginning of hallway to the bedrooms, Bathroom 2 at the end.
View from other end of hallway.


Marisa’s room is warm and with a cheerful yellow theme:

View from far corner into the reading area
View from entrance, little balcony that looks over neighbour’s roof and hills.

Marcel’s Room has a Scandinavian boyish feel to it.

Blue and white
Clothes hook
I like how you can turn some up when not it use.


Mom & Dad’s Room, the family hierarchy is no different here than anywhere else in the world, the Masterbedroom always is the largest and the most special, curtains open all around like a tower overlooking the kingdom. When you come home, no matter how old you are, you are your parent’s child, loved and protected. This is your sanctuary.

View from far corner
Walk in closet with antique framing sliding doors


Lastly the bathrooms, modern and all with heater:


To book a stay here you can visit The Permai Residence’s FB page or go direct to their airbnb site .


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  1. Very nice – stylish without being pretentious. A good place to get comfy. And I agree – a spacious kitchen is a must!

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    1. The Penang Local says:

      High 5!

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