Top outdoor activities in Penang. Nature trails: wild boar trail (sua tu lor) from Moon gate review. 

Start point. Moon gate at botanical gardens Penang

We love and respect nature. We are the guardians of one of the oldest rainforests in the world and this is just located at our backyard.

Trail review: wild boar trail. (sua tu lor)

Location: 15 mins from George town by car or bus no 10 from Jetty to Botanical gardens. Moon gate is the starting point of the jungle trail and it is just 5 mins walk before the entrance of Botanical gardens and at the foot of Penang Hill.

Area: Penang Hill is a group of peaks/hills which includes strawberry hill, flagstaff hill, Western hill, Tiger hill, government hill. The highest point is 833m (2723 ft) altitude which is Western hill. Flagstaff hill also known as bukit bendera or generally called Penang Hill is accessible by a funicular railway and a private jeep track. It is the most developed and is 735m (2450 ft) above sea level. Numerous hiking trails run across Penang hill through the forest. Some are well marked but many are not. This review takes you on the wild boar trail which is fairly well marked.

Car park: Yes. Free Open air parking.

Level: Challenging. Not suitable for first time hikers. Very steep and through the jungle but rewarding and not a busy trail.

Duration: 30 mins one way brisk pace up to No 5 rest stop. 15 mins via steps going down unless you prefer to go back down through the jungle trail.

Trail distance: good point. Tbc. Possibly 1.5km

Bonus trek: extra trail from no 5 rest stop to no 84 rest stop.

Terrain: jungle/rainforest trail.

Wildlife: You won’t see much on this trail because it is quite dense forest and they will be hiding. If you are lucky, Dusky leaf monkeys, long tail macaques, squirrels, flying lemurs, butterflies, ants, termites, snakes. Hardly any mosquitoes. Please do not feed the monkeys and respect the wildlife.

Things to bring: towel, some money.

There is water at the rest stop and you can buy drinks near the starting point.




Sometimes you will see this message at the starting point. The trails are maintained by a committee of local volunteers. As users of this trail, it is maintained by the community so it is important to help if you are a fit hiker.

Let’s go!

Go through the moon gate. Turn left up the wide concrete steps or follow everyone else. The trail bends right and quickly turns into a jungle trail. Continue straight on the trail for about 5 mins until the trail forks. Left up the steps. Straight into the forest along the green fence. Most people will take the left uphill steps.

Please note. This is the No 5 wild boar trail starting point where the trail splits.




These photos show the type of terrain you will be hiking through.




The trail splits several times. There are 3 different trails leading up to No 5. Just take the left one if in doubt. The only one you don’t want is Poh yau mak It’s a lot longer. Just saying…

Look out for the signage on the trees for sua tu lor/wild boar/5/sua tu kia

Tree tops. Don’t forget to look up and around

You will hear the sounds of cicadas on this trail.

Dusky leaf monkey, Penang Hill

The trail joins the steps at the top. Turn right when you see the steps or footpath. Continue walking for another 5 mins.

No 5 rest stop

You have reached no 5 rest stop. There is normally free coffee, water and biscuits. There is also a donation box somewhere and if you want to donate to the maintenance of this trail and rest stop.  If you can’t see it just ask one of the friendly regulars.

Below is the outdoor gym equipment.




Bonus trek: If you want to continue hiking to the next rest stop, no 84, walk to the back of the Hut and follow the trail. Ask someone if you are not sure. It is another 40 mins but the trail is flattish and not as difficult as what you have just done. From no84 to go back down, follow the tarmac road down. It is a 30 mins walk or 2.5km.

If you want to continue to the top, follow the tarmac road up. It’s another 30 mins to the top of bukit bendera. (also known as Penang Hill although the correct name is flagstaff hill)

No 84 is the halfway point.

There are restaurants, food court, a hotel and the Habitat penang at the top of bukit bendera. To come down you can take the tram down but it will take you to a different finishing point. If you didn’t drive it’s not a problem cos there are taxis and a bus. Alternatively come back down the tarmac road(jeep track)  by foot or hitchhike from the pick up trucks. You can also pay for a car to take you down.

Views of Penang

Going back down is straight forward. Just turn back and follow the steps down to moongate. Do not take any of the smaller side trails. They will take it down to a different finish point.

Steps coming down to moon gate

Enjoy your hike.

Fresh fruit juice. Pineapple Beetroot

There’s a tropical fruit juice bar i go after the hike. It’s opposite moongate on the right in the open air car park next to the bee gallery.

Optional: Hug a tree

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