The Bentook Journey : Pieces of Phuket 

The last leg til we met took forever. My heart was bursting to see my best friend. I hugged him tightly, and we were back just like that, bickering, shoulder punching, I had forgotten how comfortable it was to be with him. My eccentric friend, he can quote every diologue in Seinfeild, yup, and he’s proud of it. My buddy, I love you more than you know. We took the late flight from Bangkok and chose Phuket. So much has changed, so much hasn’t. Reliving and relieving memories of people we had in our lives , mourned for lives lost, fell off our seats laughing of how stupid or brave we were, priceless moments that made us who we are today.

Landing in Bangkok, where do we go from here?

How careless and carefree inlife we once were. How precious it is. How beautiful our childhood was. We are lucky to come through it alive some of us didn’t, we’re enriched by it, by the love and spirit of friendship and youth. So lucky to have these memories. We were up by 6am, making up for lost time, and rode and got lost all over Phuket.

Pieces of Phuket:

Nakatani Village our home for a week


Phuket’s drama in the skies.

Many stories many childhood memories. Stayed out here all night reliving tales.
Huuuuge bath!
Light comes in from every where.

Elephants on the road, I pray they treat these beautiful creatures well and keep them safe from harm. 

The amazing Freedom Bar , Kamala, I can’t find the link, I think it’s supposed to find you. 

The view is intense.
Gate to freedom is always open.

Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.

Thai Temple Grounds Wat Chalong, after 3 hours of riding we sat for a bit enjoying the peace.

An afternoon with Kirk at The Local Beach Bar,  Bangtao 

The world is so beautifully small, another school friend.
 The Local. A friendly and efficient booze shack.
Quite a gimmick, this little head promotes braiding.
Coconut juice, pineapple juice and white rum. Beach life.
This lady runs the braiding and massage shack on Bangtao Beach.
Kirk is, by far, my best guardian Angel this side of the world.
From Mexico. Salvador,  Kirk’s mate from university .

Food and drinks bazaar at Boat Avenue , every Friday evenings.

Beer, Band, Booths.
This was my favorite find, mussels, seafood beansprout omelette
There was a big que for this. BT 50 each
Live band singing old rock.

Breakfast at Kata Mama , Kata Beach

At 8am.

I love omelettes.
Fruit Salad.

Road side gasoline stands, Kamala 

Barefoot Jewelry, by Joanna Chee loving these 

Da Maurizio Beachside Bar & Restaurant 

Israel street , Arab Street share the same street and they meet Patong Central , I am so loving the irony and the unity ❤

Always wear a helmet. Saw 3 people in 15 mins pulled over.

Travel safe.

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  1. This is so nice!
    Reconnecting and falling back into the same rhythm with a friend is so cool. Looks like you guys are having an amazing time.
    Good people, good food, good times!
    Go, you! 😉👍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanx Felicia. Have a beautiful weekend

      Liked by 1 person

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