The Bentook Journey: Taking My Name with Me , Day 0/14

Day 0 : The night before

I am about to embark on a personal journey and I’m taking my name with me. I am going to finally meet my childhood bestfriend , who was at times the worst friend, a school friend who will always be my life friend, at times he infuriated me , most times he makes me feel alive, he is one of my favorite memories of growing up. 24 years have passed. No one knows you more than your childhood friend. We’re now both feeling fat and tired, we know it and we are So going to laugh about it. In 24 hours, from half way across the world we are going to meet.

It seemed fitting to fasten my lace locks with my name sake and document this personal journey, and like most journeys ; they begin from home.

This was the double whammy offer a month ago:

Bentook is a Malaysian brand. This clever little company uniquely customised my name on 2 snappy sassy little plates, sandblasted, then filed , then polished, after they metal 3D printed it. More details on the whole process here .

Rizal, is like that hyper active bunny, after working with one of the biggest telecommunications company in Malaysia, he quit to start his first venture , in his own words “doing mass customization using digital manufacturing.”  Who does that?! That’s like saying, today I quit coffee, from now on it’s hot barley . It’s a totally different mind set. Wide eyed and buzzing he’s got more up his sleeve, his energy is contagious and  totally hooked and excited to pioneer and march on! I think I heard him say “I gave one to Richard Branson” would his lace locks say “Rich” on one  and “Bran” on the other foot? Rizal is also married to someone I went to school with, see how all this fits?

So this journey…Bentook, My Name, My Childhood, and the incredible reunion of two stubborn kids waiting to grow up. See you in the morning.

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  1. Happy reunion! ❤


    1. The Penang Local says:

      Friendships last a lifetime, doesn’t it?

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