Restaurant Review: At Chok Dee Thai 

This here, is where we go , at least once a month, when we’re all in town. There are  usually 6 of us, sometimes 8 , if we can manage to sync our calendars. At Chok Dee Thai Restaurant  , its a family affair (friends who have become family). A handful of round tables scatter the dining room, its a quirky place where you can dress up if you want or walk-in in your shorts and flip flops. The aircons are pretty efficient so I’d recommend something to throw over your shoulders. If you don’t know Thai food, this place is the least intimidating place to get to know Thai cuisine. They are pretty consistent, so much so that you can show off to guests who are “Chok Dee virgins” on whats good and what your favourites are.

We like ordering everything all at once, appetisers and main dishes are served in a blur, and always order a few bowls of steamed white Thai rice to curb the spicy (for  light- weights like me!). These are our top picks (see images below) once at Chok Dee, we may try other dishes like the steamed fish in lemon grass, or the Thai mango salad, but like loyal customers, the staff know exactly how much we love their food and will get these ready when we make our reservations.

Crispy Battered Squid Fritters
Crispy Marinated Pork Strips
Top: Thai Green Chicken Curry  . Main: Long Beans with Pork
Cha Om Omelette With Thai Sambal
Crispy Fried Kang Kong
Creamy Tom Yum with Prawns
Beancurd in Curry Paste

For reservations call: +604 229 1492

Chok Dee Thai Restaurant

231-D, Jalan Burma, 10050 George Town, Penang Island
Type: Restaurant

Price range: Mid Range

If I could describe it in 3 words: “Happy Thai Meals” 

Good for: Business dining, families, friends

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